FAQs - People

Q. What can I expect before the session?

A. After you have paid your retainer fee and scheduled your session, I will send you a link to my Client Site. There you will find helpful information, including tips on what you should wear to your session. You can also find the Model Releases and Contract forms, which every client must sign.

Q. What can I expect during the session?

A. I will spend the first few minutes of the session talking with you and making certain that I have an understanding of your expectations. The session will typically last for 1-2 hours, depending on the location and how many people are involved. However, my main objective is to capture a variety of creative images for you to choose from, so I will keep shooting until I am certain that I have done so.

Q. What happens after the session?

A. After your session, I will return to my digital darkroom, where I work the rest of the magic with your images! In 3 or 4 days your sneak peek will be on my blog! In about 2 weeks, I will send you information regarding your very own private online viewing gallery of 35 or more images. From there you can make decisions as to what prints and products you wish to order. I will always be available if you have any further questions or need advice. Once you have placed and paid for your order, you can expect your prints in 2-3 weeks. Some items, such as Gallery Wraps or Books, may take longer.

Q. Who chooses the location?

A. We can do this together, but I want my clients to feel comfortable in their environment. That gives me many more opportunities to catch the “real” you! It is also dependent on what type of “feel” you want for your photos. Many people choose home, while others choose parks, urban locations, the country, or any other place that is meaningful to the individual. For those who can’t decide, I’m happy to make suggestions.

Q. What should I wear?

A. Clothing definitely helps define the attitude portrayed in a photography session! Ultimately, you want everyone in the photograph to feel comfortable in their clothing….physically, emotionally and mentally. Every type of client and photo session requires different clothing choices. Once you have booked your Photography Session, you will have access to much more information regarding What To Wear on my Client Site.

Q. What about a reluctant model?

A. Don’t worry. I will take whatever time is needed to get an image of even the most camera shy! There is no pressure to perform. With patience, expressions will happen naturally. It may be helpful for a parent to step out of the picture for a few minutes. Another possibility is to get the child involved in some activity that they really love. I will do everything possible to provide a fun, relaxed environment for your child. No one will ever be required to say “Cheese” or hold that smile forever…….! If all else fails, there is always Bribery….Nothing like a lolly to brighten up a day!

Q. What about cancellations?

A. I completely understand that things come up in our busy lives. Please give me as much notice as possible to reschedule, and I will try my best to accommodate you. If weather is an issue, we will discuss that together at the time.

Q. What about Maternity Sessions?

A. Many of the FAQ’s also relate to these sessions. Again I want you to feel comfortable in your choice of locations. For some, that may be the privacy of your own home, while others want to be a little more adventurous….you choose! The Client Site has further information and suggestions.

Q. Any special information for children?

A. I love photographing children of all ages! My advice to the parents is to dress them in comfortable clothes that they love to wear. Feel free to include any favorite toys, books or other props that tell their unique story! You will treasure that memory some day…..I promise, even if it is a book that you have had to read a thousand times or a stuffed toy that is in tatters. Try to make sure that your child is well rested and have a supply of neutral colored healthy treats and drinks available. Modeling can be such hard work….you know!!

Q. Do you shoot family gatherings and celebrations?

A. Absolutely!

Q. Can I buy the digital files of the images from my session?

A. I do not sell full 300 dpi digital files, except for commercial purposes. The reason for this is that once I release a file, I no longer have control of what can be done to that file, but it is still associated with my business and name. However, with the purchase of $500 or more in product, you will receive a complimentary Keepsake CD of your images. This CD is a non-printable, web-ready version of your gallery. The images are large sized with small watermarks and are intended for viewing on your TV or computer.

Q. What level of quality can I expect from Dancing Dog’s prints and other products?

A. {1} The photos that you receive from Dancing Dog are printed on high quality archival photographic paper at a professional lab. These papers are designed to resist fading over decades of time. The other products come from a number of sources, who all excel at producing outstanding quality products.
{2} Most importantly, you are not just paying for the product. Factored into the cost of each product is the photographer’s time and creativity in their digital darkroom. This includes basic retouching. My intention is to create a pieces of art that will be cherished for years to come.